squeaky @ week’s end + next week

First (and foremost):

Sitting smugly atop her kill after a rousing game of catch the feathers on the stick that are suppose to look like a bird but really don’t.  Ignore the weird eye glare things from the flash if you please.

Second, I’m off on the grand tour of wisconsin next week to visit family and friends, and thus will not be posting much – not that anyone will probably be able to tell, as I haven’t been posting very regularly as it is.  In addition to my grandma, and my immediate family (including my sister, who’s flying in from DC, yaay), I’ll be having the opportunity to meet not one, but two internet buddies, sabiwabi of oyhabibti and Terrie from VJ.  Mayhem, hilarity and running amok is sure to ensue.

I also have quite a menu planned to cook for my parents and grandma.  Since I’ve gotten so incredibly picky with my food to the point where it isn’t funny (halal, humane, all natural, etc etc etc), I’ll just cook copious amounts of food so I don’t have to cause awkward situations when offered x, y and z to eat.  Here’s what I’m thinking:


One thought on “squeaky @ week’s end + next week

  1. and i can’t wait to meet up with you after all this time! there is nobody here that can tell me no you can’t go! and in some ways that makes me sad, but i finally don’t have to answer to anyone anymore. give me a call during the week so we can work out a meet up place and time. i’m looking forward to this, incha allah!

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