score! and (food) rules to live by

At Target, today only (at least the one near me):

2 lbs Nectarines – $1

2 lbs Plums – $1

I just about died of happiness, but managed to restrain myself from jumping up and down and squealing with joy.   I only got 1 2lb package of each.  It was tempting to get as many as I could carry, but I know they’d go bad before AbuS and I could eat all.

This is the perfect segway into a new series of posts I’m calling (food) rules to live by.  As I mentioned last week, I’ve been reading a lot about food, what to eat, politics of food and sustainable eating.  I’ve been digesting (ha) information from a myriad of sources, and have worked out my very own set of food rules.

Rather than throw them all at you at once, I’ll try to post one a week inshaAllah.  Of course, as a disclaimer, I am in no way a doctor, nor an expert in food related subjects.  I’m merely someone who’s read a lot about the subject and is trying to eat a healthy, halal and whole way.

So, without further adeu:

Eat Fruit.  Lots and lots of fruit.  In it’s original, fruity form.

If you’re hungry, reach for a piece of fruit.  Eat it.  If you’re still hungry, then go think about eating something else (preferably a vegetable).  There is nothing like breaking your fast with a clear glass of cold water and a piece of fruit (I like bananas and dates).

And as painful as it is, don’t drink a lot of fruit based drinks.  I thought I was all healthy and such when I picked up an Odwalla smoothie for breakfast.  Until I looked at the nutrition facts and saw that that one little bottle had 60 (yes 60!) grams of sugar in it, and that was with no added sugar.  Yes, fruit can have a lot of sugar in it, but if you eat it whole, then you’re getting a whole heck of a lot more nutrition wise than just the sugar.


6 thoughts on “score! and (food) rules to live by

  1. This is kinda hard for me…… but I’ll try to eat more fruit… I just prefer my heavy meals more… LOL

    • Oh I hear you. AbuS and I were talking last night, and he was saying how he never really craves the big fat cheeseburgers and huge hunks of meat anymore. I’m like, show me the fried and fatty foods! I still crave it, but try to redirect my hunger towards things that are better.

  2. Been trawling Amazon looking at reviews of Food Rules. Have you read his previous books, especially the longer versions of Food Rules? And are they good read?

    • I credit Michael Pollan (and my sister, who originally recommended Michael Pollan to me) with kicking off my quest to live and eat healthier and more sustainably. I think both Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food are great and fairly easy reads. They’re kind of a gateway into the world of the food revolution.

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