squeaky at week’s end

Sahl (ra) narrated: We used to offer the Jumua prayer with the Prophet and then take the afternoon nap. (Bukhari)

This squeakylol is inspired by AbuS, who commented that even Squeaky takes a nap after zuhr.

Also, if I could once again impose on my readers, please vote for Feline Rescue, St. Paul, MN in the Shelter Challenge.  You can (and please should!) vote every day.  We’re in second place and gaining!

I cannot adequately express what a great organization Feline Rescue is.  We don’t have an infinite amount of space, but once a cat comes into our organization, they have a loving home and lots of loving friends for life.  Just this week we lost 2 long time residents – Subira and Frazier.  If we could win this challenge in their memory, dozens more cats could find a place to stay and people to love them.

All it takes is 30 seconds of your time.  JazakAllah khair!


5 thoughts on “squeaky at week’s end

  1. of course I will help but you over the edge. Guess what? Gonna be a foster momma to Min Pins. I get my first adoptee after the ISNA convention after the 5th of July insha allah. Its a boy!!!!

  2. Thanks sis! I’m sooo excited that you get to be a foster. And that you get to go to ISNA. I’ve never been to isna :(

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