the weekly squeaky

What the cat is up to when I’m not looking.  I swear these aren’t staged.  I was reading through a library copy of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (which is now definitely on my to get list), and had to get up to see something.  When I came back, this is what I found:

She was most likely contemplating how best to go about sitting on the book, but it’s more fun to pretend I have a literate cat who was interested in learning how to cook assorted whole grains.

Also notice the star light in the background?  Yup, still up from last Ramadan.  One good thing about being a procrastinator – I don’t have to worry about decorating for the holidays every year.


2 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. nah, she was gazing at the dustbuster….draw a line from her pupil on out, you’ll see. the trajectory of the line shows she is not interested in your cookbook. LOL.

    And I am ALL up for leaving out decorations for the next year, esp if you already used copious amounts of scotch tape to put them up.


    you are hilarious.

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