dear Lord…

…could it get any worse?


I saw a display for “the legging jeans” aka beyond skinny at the Gap this morning.   Why is there a need for something even tighter than skinny jeans (which IMHO are going too far in and of themselves)?  And why oh why would you want to wear bottoms that highlight every small dollop of fat on your persons?

See also jeggings.

I can’t imagine these would be flattering on anyone but the most stick thin of figures.  And alas, it is not only those people who wear them, so it’s becoming more and more common to see every roll of fat and dimple on a person’s bottom as they walk by.

And also, dear person I passed on the street at lunch.  Just because your ultra mini skirt has buttons up the front does not mean you should unbutton all but the one right under your navel.  I really didn’t need to see your underwear just now.


Alhamdulilah for long skirts and baggy pants.


8 thoughts on “dear Lord…

  1. As my sister says:

    “Skinny jeans” describe the person eligible to wear them, that is all.

    I’m all in favor abandoning this trend.

    • Hard to imagine that anyone will ever want to recreate the late 90s. We’ll probably get there in 5 years or so.

  2. Can they actually hope to sell any, in an age where people are getting supersized?

    I can only hope Daisy Duke cutoffs don’t make a comeback. I’ll live like a monk if they do!

    • Oh, they’re selling quite well, unfortunately. And to the supersized crowd as well as the skinny.

      And short short short shorts are quite common as well. Yuck.

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