you know you’re fat when…

…you lose 20 pounds and no one notices.

Ok, it’s not that I’m that big.  It’s probably more of a combination of carrying my weight very well (it’s spread quite evenly, although it does tend to puddle more in the mid section), and the fact that I’m a hijabi who wears a skirt and baggy clothes.


It’s also probably due in part to the fact that I’m losing it slowly, a pound a week or so.  When I show up at Thanksgiving having lost 40 to 50 lbs (inshaAllah!), they’ll notice.

Ah well.  Onward and downward out of the final edge of obesity, through being overweight, and finally resting (inshaAllah) at being a “normal” weight (at lease according to the BMI, although I will quibble that as a person with an extra long torso and stubby legs, my “normal” weight should probably be a bit higher than a regularly proportioned persons’).

Another food rule to live by:

If you can’t exercise self control, don’t keep it in the house

Yes dear nafs, I know you love cheese.  I know when you’re within a 15 foot radius of cheese, you whine and scream and moan and throw a fit until you get some.  And then some more.  And some more.  And some more.

So dear nafs, there will be no more cheese in our refrigerator.  How do you like that?

This isn’t to say that I won’t give you some cheese on occasion.  It will just no longer be a regular feature on our shopping list.


2 thoughts on “you know you’re fat when…

  1. Masha Allah that is great! Slow and steady wins the race, people who lose it gradually are insha Allah more likely to keep the weight off. Mabruk and good luck on your weight loss journey.. btw have you ever tried

    I only managed to lose a noticeable amount of weight when I had diarrhea for a week. Yep. No fun at all.

    On the baggy clothes department, I just got some nice cotton material that I will (attempt) to make into an abaya. I hope it turns out well, when I get round to it eventually…

    • I am on sparkpeople, although not as often as I was a few years back. I find that I’m not a person who thrives on being meticulous, so writing down everything I had to eat each day was a losing proposition that I didn’t keep up for very long, ha.

      Let’s see, I started in 2007 and in the intervening years, I gained 20 lbs, ha. I’ve now lost those 20 and am back at my beginning sparkweight.

      UmmSqueakster there too, so if you’re around, give me a buzz :)

      Ooo, do keep me updated in the sewing field. I’m horrid at it. What kind of abaya are you going to make? I just received 2 I ordered from KSA, and will inshaAllah post soon. I’ve found that saloona crepe is a beautiful, beautiful, lightweight material. Alas, it only comes in black.

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