1. Alas, my cat is in a phase of non cuddliness.   Not wanting to snuggle up probably has something to do with the heat and humidity, but I miss my cuddly kitty.
  2. She’s also incredibly ungrateful.   Whenever I have a glass of water, she begs for a drink.  So of course, bad cat mom that I am, get her her own glass and set it down on the floor so she can drink from it.  What does she do?  Knocks it over, gives me a look and then goes off to sulk under the table.
  3. Free free free (did I mention free?) Ramadan prep courses at Seeker’s Guidance!  Woot woot, Ramadan is almost here!
  4. Don’t forget to vote vote vote for Feline Rescue, Saint Paul MN.  We’re only a percent and a half behind the front runner.  Vote every day until August 22 and help us win $1000 that will go towards the care of our wonderful cats.
  5. I’m trying to plan iftar strategies to not ruin my healthy eating life style.  I’m thinking of packing a baggy of chopped raw veggies (broccoli, carrots, etc) and a banana to bring with me when we go out to an iftar and making myself eat that before I even join the buffet line.
  6. I still love my kitty, even if she is a spoiled rotten princess

*sulk sulk sulk*


4 thoughts on “miscellany

  1. Ahh poor mommy and kitty! She is probably grumpy from the heat. My cats make sure to position themselves strategically in front of the air conditioner (when its on) or fan, and stretch and (almost!) sigh in obvious pleasure. One of mine loves playing with water. Maybe Squeaky is trying to cool down the house by spilling water? Yes?

    The veggie bag is a great idea! That reminds me.. we have run out of carrots…

    • I’m happy to report that it was much cooler in our apartment this morning, and coincidentally, the Squeakster was much cuddlier. Of course, she had to chose the morning to rekindle our lap relationship when I was wearing a shirt that really shows each and every cat hair stuck on it, but ces la vie!

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