happiness is…

…your wardrobe doubling in size without spending a single penny.

As I gained weight these last few years, my wardrobe shrunk.  Many shirts in my closet became too tight, and were as such, off limits.

Today, as I was digging through my closet looking for something clean to wear to work, I ventured into the back half where all the too small shirts live.  Why not give one a try, I thought?  Low and behold, and alhamdulilah, my favorite shirt now fits!  I don’t think I’ve been able to wear it safely for 2 years.  It came from my first shukr order ages ago, back in the day when they only sold mute, solid dark colors.  It’s a rayon burgandy tunic with a laced collar.

And to add even more excitement, I went to my drawers and dug around to the bottom to find the skirts from that very same order.  Alhamdulilah, they fit too!

Onward and downward we continue.  inshaAllah by the end of the year, I’ll have to buy some new clothes, because everything will be to big!

Todays food rule to live by:

indulge…but only on occasion

If you’re craving a piece of greasy pizza, don’t keep denying yourself.  Eventually, your nafs will win and you’ll pig out.  It’s safer to indulge, in moderation, on occasion.  Rather than snapping and inhaling half a large pizza, find a place that sells single slices.  Actually, first, eat a bowl of vegetables.  Then pick one and only one slice, preferably with vegetables on it.  Take small bites, and savor each and every second.

But seriously, this needs to really be an every once in awhile kind of thing.  If you crave pizza every day, try to find something else that’s healthy and tasty to take it’s place.  Take a whole wheat tortilla or pita, slather it with tomato sauce, pile high with veggies and then sprinkle just a little bit of cheese on top.  Broil until the cheese is bubbly, and wa’la, more vegetables than pizza, but inshaAllah enough to take the edge off your angry nafs.

I know this is all no brainer, obvious advice.  But it’s one thing to read it, and quite another to actually put it into practice.  I should know – I’ve spend the last 6 years knowing how to eat healthy, but only the last 6 months actually doing it.  It’s so easy to go, oh, I’ll indulge today and start eating healthy tomorrow.  Then tomorrow comes and you’re like, hmm, just one more day of this, and then tomorrow, really I will.  And on and on and on ad infinum.  Take control of your life NOW.

*standard disclaimer – I am not a doctor, nor a professional nutritionist.  I claim no expertise.  These rules are simply what I’ve gleaned from reading way too much about healthy and sustainable eating habits.  Thus far, they’ve helped me lose 25 lbs and counting.*


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