i am happy to report…

…that as the humidity has dropped, Squeaky’s receptiveness to lap sitting has increased.  I missed my purring puddle of fuzz.

Have I posted this picture yet?  We’re only 1 percentage point behind the front runner in the animal rescue site shelter challenge.  Vote vote every day for Feline Rescue of St. Paul, MN!

In other news, I’m planning my eid outfit.  I purchased this abaya, and was thrilled to find that it totally looks like a jedi robe.

I plan to wear it with a hot pink scarf, and clip the hood with these glittery bobby pins in white, not blue (as it alas does not stay on my head).

I’m also working on wearing AbuS down, trying to convince him that I need these to complete the outfit:


8 thoughts on “i am happy to report…

  1. Ooooooo, I’m not an abaya wearer but I may get me something like that, then perhaps I’d get a toy lightsaber. Maybe take both to the mosque during ramadan and go “Ooops, I thought this was San Diego ComicCon.” Lol.

    • This is a reason to be an abaya wearer :) I’m normally not either, except when going to the masjid. Or when it’s the weekend and I have to go to the store and don’t feel like changing out of my pjs, so I just throw an abaya on over them ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh, those shoes are amazing, and the whole black/hot pink combination sounds awesome! I normally don’t like black jilbabs, but that one actually looks nice, like a big sweatshirt. :)

    • I’m actually a huge fan of black abayas because you can do so much with them in the way of scarf accessories. Just about every color looks good with them :)

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