squeaky @ week’s end – international edition

This is like the punchline of a bad joke.  You know you’re a crazy cat lady when your friends and family take pictures of cats they encounter just for you.  And of course, being a crazy cat lady, I’m thrilled to see them.

I’ve been remiss in giving a shoutout to my wonderful sister who was kind enough to take photographs of the feline residents of the City of Light and of the Haram.

I am particularly fond of this handsome fellow:

My parents vacationed in Greece in July, and took these for me:

And finally, a shout out to the kind soul who, inspired by the absolute cuteness of the Squeakster, wrote this article on the Sunnah and Blessings in the Healing effects of Cats.


4 thoughts on “squeaky @ week’s end – international edition

    • They are quite fabulous. It’s a good thing I don’t live someplace with tons of strays and ferals, otherwise I’d have to rescue a few every day.

  1. I know what you mean. My heart breaks when I see all the cats I can’t rescue. But some people are really good with feeding strays.. some of my favourite eating places have plenty of strays that look fattened up with glossy fur and all… I think the shopowners feed them. I hate it when people kick at strays who beg for food, if they really hate cats then just ignore them or gently push the cat away.

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