keep vote vote voting!

JazakAllah khair dear readers.  We are now only .19% behind first place in the animal rescue sites shelter challenge!  We have until August 20th to pull ahead, so please keep clicking and voting every day!  And if you can, enlist the help of your friends and family.  Our cats will thank you :)

Here are two of the cats who will benefit, Austen and Sam Jones.

Austen was adopted from us a little kitten at the beginning of the year, and returned a month ago when his people encountered financial difficulties.  The tiny cat had quadrupled in size – he now weighs 20 lbs!  Sam Jones is as scruffy as you can get.  He was cared for by construction workers over the winter and given to us this spring.  He has boundless energy and loves to run and climb any place he can.  He can often be found climbing the wall, literally – claws in the mesh, up to some high perch.

This last weekend, Austen decided Sam Jones needed a bath.  So he sat on him, put him in a headlock and proceeded to give him a licking.  At first, skinny Sam Jones attempted to escape by biting Austen in the neck, but Austen was unyielding.  Sam Jones eventually relented and came out much cleaner, if a bit flatter.


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