squeaky at week’s end

a ramadan prep repost:

Many JazakAllah khairs to my dear readers, and a special huge JazakAllah to Mama Pongkey for posting it on her facebook – we are now in 1st place in the animal rescue site’s shelter challenge, alhamdulilah!  We’re currently .05% ahead, but seeing as how we’ve pulled up at least 2% in the last few weeks, let’s try to make that lead a little bigger,  shall we?

If I remember, I’m going to bring my camera to the shelter this weekend and bring back some pictures of our residents :)


4 thoughts on “squeaky at week’s end

  1. Aww *blush* alhamdulillah. Now we need to keep on voting!!! Am using my hubby’s thingy now, once I get back am gonna vote vote vote!! Thanks to you Umm Squeakster for bringing this to our attention.. Look forward to the pics!

  2. came across you site while googling for inspiration for our Ramadan e-mag. I run Open Paws in Riyadh Saudi. My 3rd rescue cat (well, probably mine, he’s kinda funny looking so I doubt he’ll get adopted easy) is sleeping in a basket, the other 2 are on the bed with hubby. Great to see your blog! I’m working with animal welfare in Saudi, trying to increase awareness about animals in Islam here. Your Squeaky is very sweet mashallah and I’m loving your blog. So from one Umm Hurairah to another, sweet purrs!

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