*note, this does not actually mean that I endorse sleeping through the day of fasting, just in case anyone was worried.  But as we know, cats don’t have to fast, so Squeaky will continue her normal routine of napping, napping, sun bathing and more napping*


6 thoughts on “

  1. assalaam alaykum.

    but i was told (by a scholar) that sleeping when necessary is also an act of worship. :) Not all day, but I plan on sleeping between asr & maghrib b/c I lose so much sleep at night and I just can’t function during the day without at least 7-9 hrs.

    • wa alaikum assalam,

      That is all true, but I’m more poking at certain countries that do a complete 180 during Ramadan, where everyone is out and about at night, and sleeping during the day :)

  2. the third shifters are probably the luckiest because basically they do sleep all day, no matter if its ramadan or not. I told my ex to be thankful he doesn’t have a job that keeps him working outside in the hot and humid weather.
    Ramadan Murburak Sis! Love the pics of Squeakster

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