what belongs on every iftar table

(not my veggie platter –  alas, it does not look this good.  But it was tasty. Cucumbers+carrots+green peppers+tomatoes+ranch dressing= love)

I’d like to note that whenever Allah (swt) refers to the foods of paradise, He inevitably says that we will have fruit to enjoy.  Not bread, or pastries or noodles or big ol slabs of meat.  No, we shall enjoy fruit.  Shouldn’t that tell us something about what is best for us here in this life?

And convey good news to those who believe and do good deeds, that they shall have gardens in which rivers flow; whenever they shall be given a portion of the fruit thereof, they shall say: This is what was given to us before; and they shall be given the like of it, and they shall have pure mates in them, and in them, they shall abide. (2:25)


5 thoughts on “what belongs on every iftar table

  1. Ranch dressing sounds great! I love the crunch crunch of raw peppers. Did you use cherry toms or the usual big ones? I love organic salads, the taste is intensified. Like my niece says ‘that celery tastes more… grassy.’ LOL, now I feel like a goat.

    • We had some big juicy beefsteak tomatoes this week, so that’s what we had – sprinkled with salt and pepper.

      Nothing wrong with feeling like a goat. I bet goats are healthy.

  2. That is a really, really good point, Subhanallah. Thankfully, I love fruit and am quite looking forward to an endless supply of fruits if I make it to Paradise, Insha’Allah.

  3. Just looking at that veggie platter is making me have to run to the restroom! My hat’s off to you for being physically able to eat that! Ramadam Kareem :)

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