Dear respected sisters in Islam:

Let me introduce you to a little fiqh and adab of salat – the sutra.

You see that purse about 3 feet in front of me?  The one with the abstract looking cats on it?  That’s my sutra.  What is a sutra, you may ask?  Why, it’s a barrier one places in front of their place of prayer, making a no man’s land for other people.  One does not walk between a person and her sutra, unless there is no other choice.  And you all really didn’t need to walk right in front of me while praying maghrib salat.  Perhaps if you had stopped eating and drinking a little sooner, you wouldn’t be running to catch the jamaah.



6 thoughts on “dur

  1. I’m always really paranoid that people are going to walk in front of me, thus rendering my prayer invalid, so I generally try to find a space up front or right behind a pillar or other large barrier so there is no room for anyone to walk in front of me.

    Question: What’s the ruling of using a sutra that has pictures of living things on it (like a purse with a picture of an animal on it)? My apologies for sounding like the haram police, but I always thought that one needed to make sure that they weren’t facing any pictures or statues while praying. If you could enlighten me on the topic, that would be great Insha’Allah.

    • Oh, no worries re: haram police. I’ve started to develop a soft spot for them since I’ve started to freak out about things like gaps in the prayer lines ;-)

      While I don’t have a ruling from a scholar, I usually turn the front part of the purse where the cats are to the front, so I’m praying towards the blank back. Or, I’ll fold it over so the cats aren’t visible. Might be a question to ask at Seeker’s Guidance. I’ll wait until they answer my current question before I send them another one though :)

  2. I actually didn’t know about sutras! I heard about them this week in my home when my husband was trying to teach our 3 year old to pass above it to come see me. I always knew from somewhere that it was not 100% appropriate to pass in front of someone as they prayed so I just didn’t even try.

    What I wonder though is if a child walking in front renders prayer invalid… Because my daughter is always walking all around us during prayer. Another thing to ask a scholar, I guess!

    • Why don’t you submit it to seeker’s guidance? I already have bombarded them with lots of questions :) It would be good to know, since children run freely at the masjid during salat, and it would be hard not to have a child pass in front of you.

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