the weekly squeaky

Haven’t had a chance to upload any new pics recently (and I think there are probably a hundred or so on the camera), so here’s one from the archives:

Notice how well hidden she is in her stalking of dust bunnies.  Thank God she’s an indoor cat.  She wouldn’t survive long in the wild.

Also, random AbuS saying from this weekend – wouldn’t it be cool if we could dress her up in a little detective outfit?  Where could we get a little detective outfit?

Yes, I do believe I have successfully converted him to a crazy cat person.


5 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

    • Welcome to the blog George! I agree, the indoor life with warmth, security and laser toys beats just about anything else :)

  1. Salaams, I love your cat pictures! As for a detective outfit, you could try those “clothes” they make for little dogs. Especially around Halloween time. Whether the Squeakster would consent to wear it is another matter entirely :-)

    • wa alaikum assalam,

      That’s a good idea. And you’re right, she would not be happy with it. We bought her a shirt awhile back, and she tries to wriggle out of it as soon as we try to put it on :)

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