Dear Summation:

I hate you.  Please die.

No love,


Dear Firm Management:

Please speed up the process to find a replacement piece of software for summation.  It keeps dying on me when I try to make a full boolean search.  That makes it very hard to do my job, as there are over 20,000 documents in this case and I need to review but a few thousand of them.



PS: I hate summation

PPS:  Boolean searching is not fun

Dear attorneys:

Next time you go to an e-discovery meet and confer, please demand that the opposing counsel provide their discovery to us such a way that the documents are not single page tiffs without a load file that tells our program how to put the docs back together, that the parent/child relationship is intact and that there is at least some basic meta data attached.

Hopefully yours,


Dear teller at the bank with the obviously muslim name:

No, I am in fact not wearing this scarf wrapped this way because I’m cold.  I’m a Wisconsinsite by birth, and 50 degrees isn’t cold enough to break out a sweat shirt, let alone a scarf.  I once wore sandals all winter, even after a fresh snow storm.  I am wrapping it like a muslim because I am in fact a muslim.  I know my name isn’t typically “muslim” sounding but really, how many non muslims would wear this style by choice?

Informatively yours,



4 thoughts on “dear…

  1. Dear Random Woman on the Street,
    How would you like it if I walked up to you and asked YOU who brainwashed YOU into wearing a strappy low-cut vest thingy and white capri pants at the age of 55?
    Best regards,
    The Hijabi You Walked Up To And Tried To Enlighten Today.

      • Turkey – which is my home at present =)

        Well-educated and intelligent women accost me on the street to share their enlightenment with me =) It’s almost sweet, really….

  2. SubhanAllah, I seriously haven’t even encountered that here in the US. Makes me wonder about the “muslim” world sometimes >:(

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