belated eid mubarak!

Random catch up notes:

  • I never did get my hot pink chucks :(  Thankfully, I still managed to look smashing for eid.  I had purchased a green beaded shalwar kameez at a fund raising rummage sale for Pakistan relief earlier in the month.   Sadly, it has short sleeves, so it’s not suitable for outdoor wear.  But, I wore it underneath my hoodie black abaya and kept the bottom part unbuttoned.  Thus, black abaya with a spalsh of color and sequins :D
  • Yet again, the Science Museum of Minnesota was the awesome, and had a reduced price eid weekend.  AbuS and I went to see the IMAX movie Arabia, which only increased my longing to visit Mecca and Medina.  Soon inshaAllah.
  • I stumbled upon a great find at Half Priced Books – Classic Vegetarian Cooking of the Middle East and North Africa.  I’ve only managed to make one dish from it and browse through it twice to see what it has to offer, but thus far, it’s at the top of my vegetarian MENA cookbook list (which now consists of a grand total of 2 books).   I made harira, ironically as Ramadan had just finished, and AbuS was quite pleased with it.  I’m enjoying the book not only for the voluminous amount of tasty looking recipes (including several that use okra and tamarind that I’ll be making for AbuS), but also for the little tidbits of information the author throws in amongst them.   In my experience, MENA peeps love love love their meat.  An iftar or dinner ins’t complete without 3 or 4 different meat dishes.  If there’s a vegetarian offerings, it’s usually a limp looking iceberg salad.  As I cracked to my friends this Ramadan, it’s impossible to be a vegetarian at iftar time.  The author apparently has had the same experience – he grew up in an immigrant arab household in canada that was filled with delicious MENA vegetarian dishes, but when he traveled the middle east, he couldn’t find them anywhere.  Well, they’re all here in this book, and if you’re looking to expand your MENA cooking repetoire beyond meat meat and more meat, this is the book for you.
  • One of the catered iftars at the masjid a few weeks back was done by a new local restaurant.  They’re located in a local mall and serve ZABIHA meat!  How awesome is that?  We had their kabob and gyro plate for dinner last night, $11 and we were both pleasantly full, but not disgustingly stuffed.  When my gyro dad comes up to help us move, I’ll be taking him there for sure.
  • AbuS and I were out shopping for a new lamp on 9/11, when this middle aged white man came up behind us and said “excuse me.”  I braced myself for a tirade, but instead, he smiled and said, “I hope you have a very happy holiday.”  Alhamdulilah!

I hope all my readers had a wonderful Eid, and will inshaAllah make sure to fast 6 days in Shawwal.  Don’t lose your Ramadan momentum!


2 thoughts on “belated eid mubarak!

    • I will definitely have to look into it. Any good cookbooks you recommend? In this one, the author writes how Tunisian food is quite spicy, so I’m eager to try a lot of Tunisian recipes. Took me 5 years, but I’ve finally upped AbuS’ spice tolerance to a firey level :D

      Also, we totally need to get together!

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