so am i nuts?

My sister knows more about grad school than I, so I spoke with her last night about my hair brained scheme.  The first question she asked is what I wanted to do with my potential graduate degree.  And of course, I had no answer.  Umm yeah, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, except perhaps study.  Is it ok to be a professional student?

AbuS seems to think it’s ok that having a phD won’t guarantee me a job.  He’s adament that if I find a particular subject I’m interested in, and I would enjoy studying it, I should do it.   How awesome is he that he’s ok with his wife giving up everything to study for 6 to 10 years without any clear future plan?

So perhaps history may not be the best course of action, as according to my sister, historians can’t study current events (which should have been obvious to me, but I don’t always think things through).  What program should I look into then, if I want to study the modern american muslim community?  Sociology?  Communication studies to see how the media talks about muslims?  Public policy?



6 thoughts on “so am i nuts?

  1. Sociology could be quite interesting. I took a course on the sociology of religion once which was pretty good… but doing a PhD *does* give you access to jobs, e.g. lecturing and research! Both of which are pretty cool. I was a research assistant a while ago in social services but doing it in history would be great! Also, you can study the present but the focus itself does need to be in past events, but that can be modern history. But yeah, sociology might be more what you’re looking at if you’re wanting to focus on current events – it would be interesting to be a lecturer in that too ;)

    • That’s true, but it’s hard to get jobs in history apparently. A friend of my sister’s studied at Oxford on scholarship and is having a hard time finding work, so what chance would I have? But, if I do study something in demand, like american muslims, perhaps it would be easier. Argh, why do I do this to myself?

    • that’s a good idea, why hadn’t I thought of that? Probably because Bones has me associating anthropology with dead and rotting corpses.

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