the weekly squeaky

I’ve always joked that Squeaky has more online friends than I do.  Well, now it’s true.  Remember the Squeaky things I published last week (how could you not, seeing as how it’s just below this post)?  The ever so kind and talented people at featured it on their site :D  Everyone loves a Squeaky, although she’s a she, not a he.

And, it’s adopt a less adoptable pet week.  Featured from our shelter is Buddy.  Buddy is outgoing and very friendly, but he lacks certain manners and social skills.  Buddy is deaf, and it makes it hard for him to communicate well with other kitties.  He compensates by being a bit tough guy, but we all know that underneath that rough exterior is a soft and squishy center.

And of course, what would this week be without mentioning my beloved Meekash?  I have no good photos of her that I’ve taken, as all our time together is spent with her on my lap, wanting to be petted.  Kind of hard to take a photo one handed.  Luckily, there’s a good picture from petfinder:

My sweetie needs to be a one and only.  When she’s stressed out, she has eating issues.  She was adopted earlier this year, only to be returned because she wasn’t eating.  She continued not to eat, but has seemed to bounce out of that phase, and is now eating anything and everything in sight.  As such, she’s getting a bit rotund.  Probably time for her to go on a diet :)


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