attention dear readers


12 thoughts on “attention dear readers

  1. awww now I feel so guilty. I don’t want Squeaky sad. I do read, enjoy and benefit from your blog. I blame it all on the subscribe feature!

    • Ah, but we “talk” via email, so Squeaky is happy with you, no worries! Plus, you’re the awesome auntie Rebecca who made her her favorite sardine can pillow.

  2. Apologies to Squeaky :( But I’ve been trying to find a way to feed my new adoptees – 4 large kittens and a runt – with only stale bread, onions, dried pasta and herbs in the house. They aren’t so keen on plain pasta now after two weeks of thrice-daily pasta platters. Alhamdulillah, of course, Allah provides for them too – a whole chicken arrived in the kitchen unexpectedly this evening (and no, not poached from the neighbors’ run, either!). It’s probably only the second chicken I’ve cooked in this house since we moved in at the beginning of May. They are still devouring the largest of the flaps of horrible flabby yellowish fatty skin that I cut off the chicken to make the broth less greasy. Oh, OK, I cut off much more fatty skin than I usually would, just because I knew the little predators would have difficulty waiting for the whole thing to poach and then cool.

    One of the kits – the black one – is bullied by its two tabby siblings, almost as badly as the runt. I was trying to explain to my 2-year-old how being bullied is catch-22 for some – the runts get weaker and the bullies get stronger, and the weaker the runts get the less food they are able to snatch, and so the size gap widens… Kinda like the economy. So I made sure the black kitten got triple shares tonight. As none of the kittens are tame, this is pretty tricky. They won’t come any closer than a few inches from my hand.

    But, anyway, that was a Happy Cat Story to cheer Squeaky up – four and a half kittens on my balcony, all tearing apart raw chicken bits and emitting these sinister primal growls.

    • MashaAllah, may Allah (swt) bless you and reward you for your kindness. To think that on the day of judgment, these kitties will be there to testify to your treatment of them, subhanAllah.

      You may want to think about joining, as we have a good group of people who deal with feral and stray cats, and may be able to off you some advice on what to feed them.

      Also, take pictures if possible :)

  3. I love Squeaky and have saved her pictures – keep writing and sending her beautiful pictures – loads of love from me in Pakistan!

    • Moving is chugging along slowly. We have dozens of boxes packed, but alas, too many more still remain to be done. And then all the cleaning we have to do *shudders*

      Squeaky is quite happy with all the boxes she gets to explore now though.

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