dear Lord…

…I hate summation.


For those not lucky enough to work in the litigation field, summation is a document management program that we use to store documents (bet you didn’t see that one coming).

Unfortunately, it has a mind of it’s own.  I selected 377 documents to print this morning, set everything up so they’d print in bates label order, and yet when I got my stack o docs from the printer, they’re in some random order that I cannot discern.

So now I need to first order them by bates number, check to make sure all multi page documents are correctly stapled, and then chron them (ie put them in chronological order), thus adding a good half hour to 45 minutes on to my work time.

What good is a document management system if it doesn’t let you manage the documents the way you like?


Also, this so called paperless law office is a pipe dream of the future.  Sure, we have theoretically have programs to review and deal with documents electronically, but they’re so darn difficult to handle that it’s just easier to print them all out and look at them in paper form.


I’m informally starting to plan an office get together a la office space.  Pretty sure we can pick up old computer equipment for cheap from a thrift shop.  Just have to find some place we can take a baseball bat to it.

I bet you’re all glad you just spent a minute of your life reading this rant.  Thanks for humoring me.


4 thoughts on “dear Lord…

    • I’ve had surprisingly good luck with microsoft products. Summation is a whole nother scary beast from the legal software family.

      • OK, this will be my Eid gift to you as soon as I get rich: either or – both claim to take the frustration out of Summation. But seriously – what is the point of software that is so rebellious and frustrating that people make money with the slogan “we take the frustration out of Summation”?!

        On the whole, the software I use does what it’s told. When it doesn’t, I assume I’m doing something wrong. Then again – graphics software is written for a different target audience. You don’t even have to be a high-school graduate to become a graphic designer.

      • JazakAllah khair! I’m a bit skeptical though, as I don’t think there is any such thing as a frustration free summation, ha. It’s also very glitchy on the back end, so our tech person is constantly on the phone with them trying to get the bugs worked out.

        inshaAllah we’ll be getting a new program sometime next year. Ya Rabb, please let us get a new program!

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