another food rule to live by

I’m sure you’ve all seen and or heard the warning. At the beginning of almost every exercise DVD I’ve ever watched, there’s a warning to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

And I’ve always brushed that advice off. After all, how difficult is it to eat healthy and exercise? Not really rocket science right?

I’ve been fatigued for years. I always attributed it to my poor diet and lack of exercise. But even though I’ve been eating uber healthy and exercising up a storm these last 8 months, I was still waking up after a full night’s sleep exhausted. If anything, I was even more tired, which just didn’t make any sense to me.

So I went to my doctor. She ran a few blood tests and low and behold, I’m vitamin D deficient. I’m also sure you’ve probably seen the articles about hijabis having vitamin D deficiencies. My mom certainly has been harassing me about it for the longest time. And, I’ve always brushed it off as islamophobic propaganda. Ah no dear readers, it’s real. Granted, women of my ethnic heritage (northern European descent) who live in northern climates have a higher risk of a deficiency as it is. Wearing hijab (thus reducing exposure to the sun) only makes it worse. And, my striving to be vegan most of the time only compounded the issue. The milk we buy is fortified with vitamin D. I cut out the milk and didn’t replace it with any food rich in the nutrient.

So here I am now, taking mega doses of vitamin D, drinking a few glasses of milk a day, eating some fish and eggs and getting some sun from an open window. And I’m feeling a little better. I’m still tired all the time, but as my vitamin D level creeps up, I’m gradually feeling less tired. So the food rule to live by here is:

Reading books and articles often isn’t enough. Consult your doctor.


6 thoughts on “another food rule to live by

  1. May Allah give you shifa =) My mom nags me about it too, but I always ask her, exactly how much vitamin D do you think your scalp and ears absorb?! Better get back on the calcium-Dvit tablets, I guess. Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Definitely do! I had to call my mom and apologies, which was hard, ha. If you’re feeling very tired, you may want to get tested to see your levels. My doctor says that because I’m so low, I have to take mega doses to even get my body to absorb them, as the regular supplements would just pass right on through.

  2. Thank you for this.

    I, too, found out my Vitamin D levels are very low (just above deficient) and while I am a Hijabi – I always took a multi with 2X the recommended amount of Vit D plus I walk a lot outdoors (covered though). Deficiencies can cause fatigue and depression among other issues and many sisters do not know to get tested. You have to ask for it ladies – we are a high risk group so your Doctor shouldn’t deny you and everyone should know their numbers! Primarily, so you can augment your nutrition if you are low but also not add any extra if you don’t need it. Vitamin is fat soluble and can become toxic if levels are too high. I am currently at 24 with recommended levels between 20-80 (or 100 can’t recall specifically). I am trying to get my level up above 50.

    • Great advice! Are you doing mega doses? I did a month’s worth and it only raised it 2 points, so I’m in on my second month and will inshaAllah be re-tested in November to see how much more I need.

  3. my psychaitrist told me that over 65% of americans are vitiam d deffieciant. including muah. i have to take 4000 mg of it every day. insha allah i need to be retested soon too. i need to start eating better and exercising. i have all the tools just no will power and nobody here to kick me in the arse.

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