the weekly squeaky – birthday edition

When I woke this morning, I found the kitty daddy and the kitty baby had been busy last night.  Knowing that I like to post pictures of my fuzzy baby on my blog, AbuS thought a couple dozen pictures would make a good birthday present.  And of course, I do like to post pictures of the Squeakster, so here you are, courtesy of AbuS, part of my birthday present, Squeaky in places she shouldn’t be (the other part, a new floor lamp, gets picked up on Friday inshaAllah):

And now, back to cleaning and packing.  Just how everyone wants to spend their birthday right?  Bah humbug.


11 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky – birthday edition

    • She is a specialist at roast turkey-ing. Was in loaf mode for a few hours yesterday staring out the window, chirping at the squirrels.

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