just a quick note…

…to say that we are alive, well and in our new apartment alhamdulilah.  Still lots of unpacking and arranging to do, but overall the major parts of the move are done.

The Squeakster has only been slightly traumatized by it all.  She has started to meow at the bedroom door in the middle of the night again, something she hasn’t done in more than a year and a half.  But, she’s also busy sniffing around the new apartment, climbing in boxes, sitting on my grandpa’s paintings that have yet to be hung and generally being very Squeaky like.

Pictures forthcoming inshaAllah, but probably not anytime soon.  Too many boxes still to be unpacked and things to be arranged.  I also have over a thousand unread blog posts in my google reader (yaaay, I love reading lots and lots of blogs), but that will take me awhile to get to as well.

Now back to the unpacking!


4 thoughts on “just a quick note…

  1. Glad to hear you’ve landed safely and the move is over (for the most part!) Take your time arranging, then again who am I fooling I HAD to get those boxes unpacked ASAP!! Thanks again for a great time last weekend!

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