the weekly squeaky

…in which the Squeakster acquires a new nickname.  No new photo alas, but here is a hint from an old one:

Notice anything?  Ah yes, she’s wearing her collar.  Porque?  Because Squeaky is now Little Miss Escape Artist.  In the 1 year and 8 months we’ve had her, she had never once tried to escape out the door of our apartment.  And in the last 3 days, she’s made not one, not 2, not even 5 or 6, but several dozen escape attempts.  We have a back door that leads directly outside, and she’s taken several dashes out onto the steps.  And we have a front door that leads outside and into the basement.  She’s made it all the way down to our storage area twice.

Thankfully, she’s not really interested in running far, so no major damage done thus far.  But, until further notice, she is wearing her collar.


6 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. Aww the poor thing, she must be really messed up with the move and all. She will come around. My Chester would go back to the last place we were at when we moved. He eventually knew where home was. Inshallah, time is the best healer for her. How is the new apartment?

    • Alhamdulilah good. Not as clean as we left our last one, which makes me a bit mad, as we’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning and now have to spend the next few cleaning this one >:( But we shall see.

      I was talking with AbuS about how it must be all the next jinn in this apartment that she doesn’t know yet. Cats ten to get agitated when they go to new places, so my theory is that they’re afraid of the jinn until they get to know them. She’s being extra cuddly still, and sat on my lap this morning purring up a storm.

  2. It’ll take a while before your new place smells sufficiently of UmmSqueaky and AbuS for her to be comfy!

    Hope she settles down soon.

    • She is busy rubbing her face all over everything, so inshaAllah she’ll get that part down soon :) I do hope she settles in so I can take advantage of the fact that my commute is 30 minutes shorter, which should thus lead to 30 minutes more sleep in the morning, unless I have a cat meowing at the door at 5 am.

    • I sure hope so, because she’s being one annoying little kitty right now. Good thing she’s so cute, so I can forgive her :P

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