For years, I couldn’t escape crocs.  They were everywhere and on everyone.  I cringed when AbuS got not 1 but 2 pairs.

And now that I’ve finally decided I need a pair (for wood floors in new apartment – walking around in socks just tracks dust into bed, and slippers don’t allow me to use my extensive warm fuzzy sock collection), they’re suddenly no where to be found.



2 thoughts on “ugh

  1. Hehehe. I love me crocs, they are really comfy.
    Maybe because crocs are summer shoes, so they’ll come out again next year.
    Or you can always order them online from someplace warm?

    • I did end up finding a pair at like the 10th store I looked in. They’re a cotton candy pink, not my favorite color, but not bad. My feet are very very happy with them though, and didn’t protest when I stood for 3 hours cooking on Sunday, like they normally do :)

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