there’s just no talking to some people

in which I attempt to have a rational conversation with some people who are apparently incapable of it:

http://www.dakotavoice [dot ] com/2010/10/halal-another-invasive-tentacle-of-islam/

  • UmmSqueakster
    Cabot and many other companies are labeled halal not because they include animal products from animals that were slaughtered in a halal manner, but because they are vegetarian. In the case of Cabot, they use a vegetable based rennet for most of their cheeses, rather than a rennet derived from an animal. Toms is similarly halal because they’re vegetarian and use no animal products in the making of their toothpastes.

    And this muslim would eat lots and lots of cheddar cheese, if only she weren’t on a diet. She was born in Wisconsin, after all. Ditto the fried chicken. Alas, that has become a special event food, lest my cholesterol continue to shoot through the roof.

  • Someone I cannot be reasoned with
    I don’t care “why” any company is labeled “halal;” what matters is the fact that they are caving to the global Islamist invasion, and I want it STOPPED.
  • UmmSqueakster
    Oooor, they’re realizing that there is a 1.5 billion person market just waiting to be tapped, and the best way to do that is to label things halal.

    Honestly, it undermines the legitimate issues and concerns that need to be addressed with intercultural and interreligious relations to find creeping sharia under every rock and in every innocuous act.

  • Someone who cannot be reasoned with
    Profit without principles–that’s part of a dying society.

    You apparently don’t understand that Islam is incompatible with western civilization, and there can be no “intercultural and interreligious” relations between the two. “Creeping Shariah” is very much a reality, whether you acknowledge it or not.

  • UmmSqueakster
    Then I guess there’s not much we can talk about, since I feel I’m living proof that islam is compatible with western civilization, being that I’m an american born muslim, living, working and participating in american society, all while being a practicing muslim.

    Peace out then :)

  • Someone who cannot be reasoned with
    There are a few possibilities here: You are not a Muslim, or you are a Muslim practicing taqiyya, or you don’t understand the teachings of Islam.



More fun at link above.  I think I may just let it go.


12 thoughts on “there’s just no talking to some people

  1. Hysterical over the accusation that you are practicing taqiyya. It is so funny to see them throw around a word the are clueless about.

    • Taqiyya is so ingrained in the very fiber and psyche of muslims everywhere that I had to explain to AbuS what it was after I told him I was accused of it some time back by yet another hater.

      • Yes, because all Muslims are dirty, stinking liars that cover up their identity in order to take over the world. :PPP

  2. Heh. I think I must have misplaced the all important taqiyyah handout given to all converts at the time of shahada. Either that, I’m just really stupid and don’t know anything about the faith I’ve been practicing and studying for close to a decade, where as a bunch of faux arm chair islamophobe scholars know much more from their browsing of jihad watch.

    • I just told my husband how you were accused of taqiyyah and he said “what’s going on, what is with this taqiyyah thing everywhere”. Apparently they forgot to give him the handout at birth nearly four decades ago because its the first he is hearing about it being part of the faith too.

      • Man, we’re going to have to write to the appropriate central muslim authority who is suppose to control the muslim group think. They’re really falling down on the job here.

  3. Can you please tell me why people are freaking with this taqiyya thing? I never have heard of it!! I asked DH and he too had no idea what it was!!! Funny that non-muslims are flipping over this and us Muslims don’t even know about it!

    • Ah, if I knew, I would be rich. I think they’re just looking for any excuse not to believe that terrorism does not = islam, so that they’ll have a scapegoat to direct their anger towards.

  4. LOL.
    ‘Animals are taking over the world!!! Arrgghh!!! That’s true because we have vegetarian labels on our food!!!’

    I live in a Muslim country, and never heard of the word taqiyyah until I was overseas.

    Sheeesh. My 11 years of studying Islamic knowledge as a subject in school is totally wasted.

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