islam is not a religion of peace…

…nor is it a religion of war.

It is a religion of reality.  Reality of complex and messy and cannot be easily dealt with with neat little one liners thrown about.

Islam provides us with the framework to deal with this messy reality.  Allah (swt) knows that human beings can act any one of an infinite variety of ways and has given us the way to live in this dunya in the best possible way.  The deen acknowledges that there will be times of violence.  And it acknowledges that there will be times of peace.  It gives us the tools to deal with these states, and to strive to live in submission to our Lord, and inshaAllah find peace.


6 thoughts on “islam is not a religion of peace…

    • That was the event that touched off this post (in addition to more islamophobic blather around the interwebs). I hadn’t had a chance to listen to it yet via podcast, but I’m not even sure I want to.

      The question itself is flawed. If islam is neither and/or both, one cannot debate that question.

      It bothers me when apologists say this line, and when islam haters use it mockingly. How can we reduce this beautiful deen to a one liner (unless of course it’s la ilaha il Allah, Muhammadur rasul Allah)?

  1. Muslims have been accused of spewing hate during sermons (the Friday sermons I heard so far focus more on basic faith and community problems, we Muslims have our hands full so we ain’t got no time to bother about other people).

    So I was surprised when an atheist friend told me of the anti-Islam drivel he heard during a Sunday service his girlfriend dragged him to (can’t recall which denomination, there are plenty of churches around here). This in a Muslim-majority country.

    So yeah, one possible source of all this hate might be the church they attend.

    • There were a few khutbahs I heard during my college years that were quite firey, but now adays, they do seem a bit more tame.

      I can’t really speak much for churches around here, except to think that the main line protestant demons (lutherans et al) in general probably are more interested in building bridges than burning them, with the occasional looneys doing things like holding anti islam days.

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