on the taqiyya issue

A timely post by Svend White (who needs to post more often), giving us several articles that adress the islamophobe’s obsession with taqiyya.

But then again, it’s all a great collusion.  All muslims everywhere are tapped into the hive mind and all obfuscate and straight out lie through their teeth to the infidels.   Cuz we’re the borg, doncha know.


5 thoughts on “on the taqiyya issue

  1. Salaams. Thanks for the nod and gentle rap on the knuckles. Hope to blog more, but life isn’t making that easy these days.

    As for me, I’m Jem’Hadar. I’m not sure I could handle being around Seven of Nine very much.


    • wa alaikum assalam,

      No pressure, I just enjoy your unique insights into the american muslim community :)

      And I’m actually a jedi *looks around shiftily*

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