minnesota not so nice

Srsly?  You’re going to steal pumpkins, from children?  Srsly?  Stealing in and of itself is awful, and I appreciate that Allah (swt) has required that we actually make amends with the person who was wronged before we are absolved of the sin.  But to steal pumpkins from children?  You hear of phrase taking candy from a baby, but who is so slimy that they’d actually do it?  That has got to be an all time low.

What kind of jerk would steal pumpkins from Inver Grove Heights third-graders?

Third-graders at Salem Hills Elementary School in Inver Grove Heights nursed seedlings into producing a handful of pumpkins they were excited to harvest this fall. The kids even named one of them Pump.

But this month, thieves nabbed all of their pumpkins — including Pump.

Preschoolers stumbled upon the crime last week while walking near the community garden. Third-grade teacher Lori Gustafson verified the theft for herself, temporarily sparing her students the grief. But she and teacher Joe Melde eventually had to share the news.

“I felt kind of sad, maybe a little mad at whoever did it,” said 9-year-old Maya Merritt. On Friday, Maya and her classmates harvested the rest of the garden’s vegetables.

Gustafson said the school didn’t consider calling the police.

“I guess we were more concerned with the kids — the students’ reaction to it — and how we were going to work with them with this problem that came about,” she said.

I’d hate to have to stand in front of Allah (swt) on the day of judgment and explain why I stole pumpkins from a bunch of 3rd graders.


3 thoughts on “minnesota not so nice

    • That’s probably true. AbuS thought it was someone stealing them to eat or sell, in this down economy. Still sucks either way :/

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