a limerick

Another edition of bad poetry by UmmS, anniversary edition


There once was a young man from overseas

who had a tendancy to weaken my knees

across the ocean he came

with one single aim

to make me happy for years if I pleased


Happy Anniversary my love and inshaAllah many many more!


4 thoughts on “a limerick

  1. Eek! How come I can’t delete/ edit my own comments?!

    Sister, please delete! I clicked “Submit” without thinking, I was too busy laughing :(

      • I sent so many emails accidentally that I now have the “Undo Send” Google Labs feature. Set to twenty whole seconds (the default is five).

        It’s like when I talk. Something pops into my mind, everybody gapes at me in horror, and I suddenly realize that I said the thought aloud, the same instant that I thought it.

        Thanks for having a sense of humor about it =)

  2. Hey, that’s cool! I didn’t know it could do that.

    They really weren’t bad at all sis. Also, come back to SF! Or have you been banned or something ;-)

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