the weekly squeaky

nice:  sleeping with your happy purring kitty curled up between your feet

not so nice:  not sleeping because your happy purring kitty has decided to sleep on your left shoulder, purring so loudly(right in your ear) and strongly that her vibrations massage your shoulder.


2 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. I get so torn. I love having the cat sleep in the bed but the resultant backache, lack of sleep and general grumpiness in the morning (both me and husband) makes me think otherwise. She just doesn’t move! Once she’s found a spot on the bed she refuses to move no matter how much coaxing or gentle nudging I do.

    Compare that to my other cat (sadly passed away) who would get so annoyed when there was the slightest bit of movement that I tried my best to stay deathly still all night in fear that I’d annoy him and of course I’d end up getting no sleep whatsoever because I’d be on tenterhooks the whole night.

    • Squeaky normally doesn’t sleep with us, as we try to keep her out of the bedroom for allergy/asthma’s sake, but if I can’t sleep, I sometimes move out to the couch, and she’s all like, oo oo oo, mommy’s here, time to cuddle! I hate to discourage her, as I love cuddliness, but dude, mommy needs her sleep!

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