Guess who’s the winner of ModernCat’s $300 shopping spree CatsPlay.com?

Why, that would be moi.


Many thanks to Modern Cat and CatsPlay!

Half is going to buy things for Feline Rescue inshaAllah.  I’m thinking either a cat tree or lots of scratching boards.

And half is going to the Squeakster.  I’m thinking this (which is actually more for her mommy’s sake, seeing as how the litter box is currently located in the kitchen, yuck), and a water fountain (seeing as how the Squeaky likes to dip her paws into the dish, and since we now have wood floors, her water gets dirty quite quickly):


4 thoughts on “zomgoodness

    • Hi, thanks for the note. Could you point me to those reviews? The only ones I’ve seen (and admittedly I haven’t looked too much) have been positive.

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