squeaky at week’s end – Oz edition

Squeaky graciously relinquishes her post so that her new pen pals from Australia may have the spotlight.  Missy and her adopted brother Charlie are beloved rescued members of alMiskeenah’s Aussie family.  They have attained a level of rotundness that Squeaky can only hope to achieve one day, if only her mommy and daddy didn’t keep her on a diet.

Also, Squeaky is wondering if Charlie is single…

Keep up the good work of looking fluffy and adorable!



One thought on “squeaky at week’s end – Oz edition

  1. Thank you Squeaky for welcoming us into your world……..it looks like you have a wonderful life & enjoy fun times.Charlie is currently single but he draws the attention of all the local ladies, his nature is mischievous and adorable. You have caught his eye, he thinks you are gorgeous but you remind him of somebody then he realized it was himself. Missy is the lady of the manor, her black silk coat is the talk of the town. Missy gets a little frustrated with Charlies boisterous behavior but she still loves him. We look forward to a good old cat chat another time, until then meow Missy & Charlie

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