I want

see also pictures of muslims wearing things (warning for any brothers who want to lower their gaze – proceed with caution).   UmmS’ muslim garb is this, at least on the weekends:






hijabed crazy cat lady garb

If only I could get these, then my craziness would be perfect:



3 thoughts on “heh

    • They really really do. Except when they wake you up at 5:30 in the morning because they are hungry (I’m looking at you Squeaky). Then, they just make life very very tired ;-)

  1. LOL. Our Chunky jumped on us at 3am today for the same reason. Then I discover her dish still has dry food in it. Then I realised its the CANNED stuff she wants. *slaps forehead* Why did I ever get them started on those in the first place? Oh why oh why oh why?

    But still, she looks awfully cute when she does that, we sorta forgive her almost immediately.

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