hajj is almost here

Just in case you don’t read Sh. Faraz’ blog (and you really really should), he points us towards some excellent resources on hajj done by Sh. Husain Abdul Sattar.

Even if you are not lucky enough to make the pilgrimage this year (sigh, like me), nothing but good can come from learning and preparing, because inshaAllah one of these days, we will make it.

If nothing else, may it increase our longing and desire to visit the haram and follow in the footsteps of the Prophets (saws), ameen.

ps – muslim garb watch for October 26, 2010.  UmmS’ current muslim garb:

  • Light blue shukr skirt
  • Long sleeve light blue button up shirt from H&M
  • Rainbow colored socks
  • my awesome swirly shoes
  • my favorite scarf – hot pink with flowers

No count of how many people I have terrified thus far today.  I’m betting it’s in the dozens at least.


6 thoughts on “hajj is almost here

  1. Hehehe. You’d fit right in here, its the ones in dark colours who stand out and look weird.

    Love the idea of rainbow coloured socks. :-) I think I should go down that road, it makes wearing socks fun fun fun!

    Those shoes are pure LOVE.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have those same shoes, and I wear mine almost every day too! They’re so comfortable and look great with everything.

    • They are fabulous. I’m really hoping to find them in purple next time I go shoe shopping. Cuz who doesn’t need a pair of purple shoes?

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