free movies!

Have you figured out yet that I like free things?  So of course, I really really really like that Unity Productions have offered several awesome documentaries online to watch for free!

The controversy continues around the planned Community Center at Park 51 in Lower Manhattan, or what is often incorrectly referred to as the “Ground Zero Mosque.” Here at Unity Productions Foundation we would like to elevate the conversation and promote civil, informed discourse around some of the broader questions — What did the 9/11 tragedy feel like to American Muslims? What is the story behind the interfaith group in New Jersey that helped build a mosque? What do Muslims worldwide really believe about terrorism? What are the aspirations of American Muslims?

To address these and other questions we’re offering you our award-winning PBS films for free online. We sincerely hope that you will watch these films and share them with friends, colleagues, and social networks.

I watched part of the Allah Made Me Funny video last night, and was LOLing, literally.  AbuS will tell you that I’m not one to laugh very much, so that should say something about the hilariousness of said video.  I especially liked Azhar Usman’s bit on wives.

May Allah (swt) reward the people at Unity Productions for their work!



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