muslim garb watch 10.27.10

In which I continue to scare people with my blatant and unabashed showing that I identify first and foremost as a muslim.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the terrible wind storm that is sweeping the upper midwest?  Yeah, today my muslim garb left my woefully unprepared.  We’ve been spoiled with unnaturally pleasant weather thus far this fall, and yesterday and today more than made up for it.  The hurricane force winds rattled our building all throughout the night and had ripped the siding off a house in our neighborhood, and it was laying on our back lawn this morning.  And in addition to said winds, I’m quite sure I saw snow.

So anyways, on to the muslim garb:

  • blue shukr skirt
  • long sleeve black turtleneck
  • long gray zip up sweater with hood
  • purple shayla
  • sock with little kittens chasing fall leaves
  • swirly shoes

And that was it.  I woke up late, got dressed in 10 minutes and ran outside to catch the bus without checking the news for the latest on the weather.  Without a winter jacket or gloves or a hat or anything.  One thing I will say about muslim garb is that it keeps your ears warm if you ever forget your hat when it’s hovering around freezing and there are wind gusts up to 40 mph.  Alhamdulilah.

I will also say alhamdulilah for having a sound roof over our head.  Despite the fact that our landlord has not yet turned on our heat (which is in spite of the fact that the law requires that it be turned on by October 15th), at least we were protected from the severe winds.  Alhamdulilah for that.


3 thoughts on “muslim garb watch 10.27.10

  1. One word: leggings. They will keep your legs extra warm in autumn, and will help in case the hurricane-force winds blow your skirt up. :)

    • Actually, I usually just end up putting my skirt on over my pajama pants in the winter. Saves me from having to buy anything else, especially leggins, eek!

      Then, if the wind blows up my skirt, I get to show the whole world my awesome pink kitty pj pants.

  2. I use pajama pants under my skirts and jilbabs sometimes, but mine are all really old/really ugly, so I usually just wear exercise pants or sweatpants underneath. Soooo comfortable!

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