dear fellow muslim travelers

If you anticipate even the remotest possibility that you will get sick when you travel, better find a way to travel other than flying:

Some cannot help but think their appearance had something to do with a family’s removal from a plane Tuesday morning at Memphis International Airport.

“My understanding is they were dressed in attire that would indicate some Muslim-type religion,” said airport vice-president Scott Brockman.

The Delta flight in question was operated by Comair and made a stop in Memphis on a journey from Dallas to Toronto.

“On taxi, the crew became concerned when a passenger exited the lavatory after an extended period of time and damage was found in the lavatory,” said a Comair spokesperson in a written statement.

Action News 5 learned that damage was to a toilet which was found slightly askew after the man of the family used it.

Alhamdulilah they weren’t so trigger happy when I was coming home from Egypt in 2004.  I had eaten a huge amount of puck cream on strawberries right before I left, thinking it was like whipped cream.  Um yeah, no, my tummy was not happy with me.  I spent a considerable portion of the flight in and out of the bathroom.



8 thoughts on “dear fellow muslim travelers

  1. “My understanding is they were dressed in attire that would indicate some Muslim-type religion.”


    Ah sis that is just…. Is this spoof thing? Joke news? Ah sister, jazakAllah khayr for such a satisfying belly-laugh tonight =))))

  2. Lollllll! Ah gawd, i am attempting “flying while muslim” in a few days, allah help me lol!! I am going to try and lay off the rice on this trip then, hopefully it won’t give me a reaction that seems to be the same as this guy had bahahhahaha. ohhh i’m so glad i read this before going to work :D

  3. I took a trip with my best friend this summer, and I totally got “randomly” pulled aside for extra screening (I was wearing my khimar and jilbab). I took as kind of a “hijabi rite of passage”. :P

    • Well, at least we have nothing to hide. It just doesn’t make sense – anyone who would want to commit an act of terrorism (which is something that has never crossed my mind, in case anyone is reading this), would try not to stand out and wouldn’t be wearing a khimar and jelbab. Duh!

  4. What cracks me up is the bizarre airport security at Ankara airport (capital of Turkey). I always stop off there on the way to visit my murshid (no choice in the matter, there are no direct flights) and there’s always a 3-4 hour wait. You have to exit the transit passenger area and exit the airport altogether then walk 100 meters to the main entrance, go through security again and be hijab-searched (again) before entering the section where the masjid is. Now, if you have a hyper toddler with you, you may also work out a complicated baby-sitting shift system with your traveling companions, who may choose to take the babies outside of the airport so they can run around on the grass. So during that 3-4 hour stopover you may have to exit the airport up to 8 times, more if you go out for a sneaky smoke or to relieve a babysitter so she can do her own salah etc.

    Madness. Because while everybody strolls in and out of entrances and exits flapping boarding passes, somebody like me gets politely summoned to the Hijabi Ladies’ Searching Cabin every single time without fail. By the same robotic security staff each time. I think my Scandinavian coloring makes me stand out even more (plus the fact that I favor large dark shawls rather than the shiny satiny triangular scarves more common in this country). Maybe they think that I’m a foreign terrorist trying to disguise myself as a local woman? But the airport is full of tourists! It would be a ridiculous disguise, as you say, Sis Umms!

    Anyway the most hilarious aspect of it is the “hair search”. I don’t have long thick luxurious locks coiled all over my head. I have a few pale wispy strands which barely conceal my scalp, let alone a weapon. But they still pass the wand over my measly little pony-tail each time.

    And you know what? Just 5-6 years ago, pre-hijabi, I can remember being waved passed the exact same airport’s security because I had been sitting next to the daughter of a diplomat on the plane, and she had a diplomatic passport, and I was simply walking next to her, chatting. And I was carrying my desktop computer’s hard drive as hand luggage. I didn’t even go through one single metal detector!!

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