your vote does count…

…at least if you live in Minnesota.

AbuS had asked if it really mattered whether or not he voted, to which I said, um yeah, remember 2008?   Al Franken winning by 225 votes?

We had business is rural central Minnesota (land of Michelle Bachmann) on Tuesday and were 2 hours and 10 minutes away from our polling place, with only 2 hours and 15 minutes left to vote.   Alhamdulilah, traffic was on our side and AbuS cast his first general election ballot as a US citizen.

And so now where are we?  Recount.  Again.   The democrat leads by .25%.  That’s 8,856 votes, unofficially.  So guess where that leaves us?  With a republican senate, a republican house, and our current republican governor who has graciously volunteered to stay on so that he can shove through what the democrats have been blocking these last 8 years years.  *sigh*

So yes, Virginia, your vote does count.  At least in Minnesota.


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