for shame

Abdifitah Jama Adan, 28; Abdullahi Sade Afyare, 19; Ahmad Abnulnasir Ahmad, 23; Yahya Jamal Ahmed, 23; Abdikarim Osman Ali, 22; Musse Ahmed Ali, 23; Hassan Ahmed Dahir, 21; Fadumo Mohamed Farah, 25; Idris Ibrahim Fahra, 22; Yasin Ahmed Farah, 19; Abdullahi Hashi, 24; Fatah Haji Hashi, 23; Abdirahman Abdirazak Hersi, 20; Muhiyadin Hassan Hussein, 22; Dahir Nor Ibrahim, 38; Abdifatah Bashir Jama, 23; Andrew Kayachith, 20; Abdigadir Ahmed Khalif, 24; Bashir Yasin Mohamud, 26; Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, 22; Fuad Faisal Nur, 24; Abdifatah Sharif Omar, 25; Liban Sharif Omar, 21; Mohamed Sharif Omar, 26; Hamdi Ali Osman, 22; Haji Osman Salad, 20; Bibi Ahmed Said, 19; Ahmed Aweys Sheik, 24; Yassin Abdirahman Yusuf, 21.

Feds: Twin Cities human traffickers enslaved girls younger than 13 for a decade


8 thoughts on “for shame

    • Although innocent until proven guilty of these particular charges, I think it’s fairly well known in the area and in the community who are members of what gangs and what the gangs do. Shame for that, most certainly.

  1. Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah. This makes me sick to my stomach. How could people be so cruel as to do things like this? And Muslims no less! Hijabis! Ya ALLAH, please bless, guide, and watch over these poor girls who were victimized, and please guide and bring the people that did this to justice and let them realize the grave sins they have committed, Ameen.

    • The story is in the link in the article – basically a bust of a sex trafficking ring here in the twin cities involving somalis.

  2. Wow, I am soooo sickened by this. It just goes to show that the things that happen a world away are just as important to us here. Although those indicted could have been born and raised here – somewhere along the line their thinking was corrupted and if having come from a conflict zone..well it def. makes your moral compass go off base.

    • I think it’s a deadly combination of a lot of factors. There are a lot of single mothers with a lot of children in the somali community, so there aren’t a lot of positive male role models. They have the difficult background of coming from a warn torn country and/or having spent some time in a refugee camp. And, they see the gang culture here, and decide to adopt it.

      Definitely a situation that needs addressing. I met one somali sister at the masjid who was working towards her MSW. inshaAllah there are more like her out there.

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