thanksgiving menu planning

As always, I am spending the actual thanksgiving day with my dad’s extended family.  Following that, my sister and I will be driving down to Madison to continue our new tradition of cooking a light and vegetarian fall feast for my grandma and aunt.  I’ve been kicking around recipes for a few months, and am trying to firm up my menu plans.  Here’s what I’m thinking for the Madison meal.  I know it’s a lot, but I like to cook a ton when I visit my grandma, so that she can stock her freezer with leftovers.

For the extended family thanksgiving, I’ll be making a variety of hummuses to have as appetizers, as well as bringing several different kinds of olives and pickled vegetables to serve at the meal.

And, wonder of wonders, my mom purchased some alcohol free vanilla extract, so that I’ll be able to eat my favorite thanksgiving dessert – cream cheese pumpkin rolls – for the first time in several years.  Alhamdulilah!


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