i’ve fallen in love…and a flashback

So I’m now 100% in love with Zumba.  Alhamdulilah they started offering it at my gym, so now every Wednesday I can pretend that I can actually dance, and burn a ton of calories doing so.  FYI, I totally cannot dance, but that’s the beauty of zumba – you can dance horribly, but so long as you do it with lots of enthusiasm and energy, no one cares.

The flashback came when we started a bhangra number, and low and behold, it was this:

It was all I could do to keep myself from breaking down from laughing too hard.  Anyone else remember when this popped up all over the place a few years ago?


4 thoughts on “i’ve fallen in love…and a flashback

  1. *is torturing her hubby by playing this video to him muahahahahahahaaaaa*

    Love Zumba too! Unfortunately, I have no clue where to find a class here, especially an all female one. So I just get my boogie on via you tube… thank God for that!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I did a search… and my itsy bitsy town has no Zumba instructor yet. Oh well. :-)

    Hahahahaha I made him leave the room with the video (he suddenly realised he has a tonne of stuff to do!) But he was grinning as he left… hehehehehehehehehehehehe.. being evil is funnnn…

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