I didn’t think it could get any worse than last weekend’s frozen trudge through puddles up to my ankles, but today took the cake.  Every relatively horizontal surface was glaze ice when I left this morning.  Heck, even some vertical surfaces were iced up as well.  I managed to keep my balance for most of the skate to the bus stop, but did wrench my hips trying to keep upright.

Then the bus was 25 minutes late.

Then 2/3 of the staff didn’t make it to the cat shelter this morning, so I was left cleaning the large back room by myself, a job I usually share with at least 2 others.

Then someone came to drop off a carrier full of teeny tiny kittens who couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old.  Only problem – we don’t accept drop offs at our shelter.  Alhamdulilah someone from out reach volunteered to traverse the black iced roads to come in and take them, so they didn’t starve to death.

And now, I’m at work.  Again.  I was here until nearly 9 pm on Friday.  I did manage to have yesterday off.  I’m really looking forward to 5 days off in a row at Thanksgiving.  Only downside?  I’ll be away from my big fat kitty baby *sobs*




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