one of the myriad of reasons…

…I don’t eat a lot of meat.

If you eat meat that comes from a factory farm (aka most meat consumed in the western world, including a lot of zabiha), please watch this video.  You should know your meal comes from.

Turkey abuse caught on video at hatchery in Willmar

An investigator whom the society sent to work undercover for 11 days last month at Willmar Poultry Co., the nation’s largest turkey hatchery, captured video images of practices that included workers tossing sick, injured or surplus animals into grinding machines while still alive.

Willmar said much of what the video shows is acceptable industry practice but acknowledged that some of its employees’ actions appear to “violate the company’s animal welfare policies.”

Workers amputated parts of turkeys’ toes and snoods without painkillers, according to the society, and jammed their heads into a machine that sears off parts of their beaks with lasers.

This is what 70 cents a pound buys us – mutilated animals maintained in miserable conditions.  Allah (swt) created animals a certain way, to thrive in certain environments.  When you take them out of those environments and stuff them into a factory farm, they start to act contrary to their nature.  They become violent with other birds and will attack them.

The factory farm industry’s solution?  Not to remove them from the harmful and stressful environment that causes the aberrant behavior, no.  They chop off their beaks and toes.  All painlessly of course, so that makes it all better.

Nope, we gotta mutilate Allah (swt)’s creation so we can stuff ourselves on cheap meat.

Chew on that this Thanksgiving.


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