thanksgiving weekend wrap up

A list of random thoughts not necessarily thanksgiving related – but all occurred over this last weekend:

  • Acorn Squash stuffed with Chard and White Beans and Baked Curried Rice with Apples and Coconut are both excellent excellent dishes and should be made often.
  • I take back all the glowing praise I’ve given my NF boots.  One of them just up and cracked on me.  And I have to send them to California and wait at least a month to even see if they’ll deem to fix them for me, or demand that I pay for it.  So I’m without boots just as winter is ramping up.  Bah.
  • I’m addicted to cookbooks.  Got 2 new ones – Food to Live By and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  I’m now officially out of space on my spice rack/cookbook shelf.
  • On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin!  Rose Bowl Bound inshaAllah!  Everybody do the Bucky!
  • Of course, watching the Badgers smash their opponents by dozens upon dozens of points 2 weeks in a row make watching the Packers very disappointing.  One tends to forget that it’s not normal to win by 60+ points.
  • My brother bought me this:
  • My dad was mauled by a dog on Sunday, riding his bike home from work.  Ok, it wasn’t really a mauling, but he did get bit pretty good.  Yes, he’s one of those crazies who rides his bike year round, even when the ground is covered in ice.  Which it was on Sunday.  So of course, it was all his fault that he was riding his bike too fast and scared the dog, or so the crazy lady at the end of the leash screamed at him.  Never mind that she was walking them on a BIKE path, and thus should have known that there was a remote possibility that someone would be riding a BIKE on the BIKE path.  Unfortunately, my dad didn’t realize the dog broke his skin until he got home, so he didn’t get the rabies information from the crazy woman.  And being the true Wisconsinite, he refused to go to the hospital until after the Packers game.  Make dua he doesn’t get rabies.  Rrr.  Irresponsible pet owners make me really mad.
  • And of course, last but not least, I really really really missed my BFK. 

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