cats of the muslim world

As much as I love plastering pictures of my cat all over the internet, I’m willing to admit I’m not much of a photographer.

Luckily, there are plenty of people much handier with a camera than I, and on occasion, they even take pictures of cats.

I ran across this online portfolio awhile back via DP, and the talented photographer has kindly given me permission to post a few of his pictures here.   Do go and browse through all the albums.  You won’t be disappointed.

This handsome fellow is from Dubai:

Makes me want to run out and get an SLR camera and some photography lessons.  Of course, seeing as how my only subject is BFK, I doubt I could convince the family CFO (aka AbuS) that it would be a wise use of funds.


8 thoughts on “cats of the muslim world

    • Squeaky – Big Fat Kitty. Like the BFG (of Roald Dahl fame) only a cat and fat, instead of a giant ;-) Both are friendly though.

  1. AbuS came back with a boatload of pictures of him cooing over egypt street cats after his trip home earlier this year. And this was the guy who thought I was crazy for stopping and going awww over every pile of dirty kittens I saw.

    If it were possible (and I had unlimited funds), I’d totally start a cat rescue in Egypt. I’m afraid it would probably be too heartbreaking to handle though :/

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