squeaky@week’s end

Downside of having the cat in the bedroom – when she’s hungry at 3 am, she starts doing laps around the bed while making loud grunty purrs.  Kind of hard to sleep when you have 12 pounds of pudge tromping over your pillow every few minutes.

But, on the upside, she is waking me up for tahajjud.


4 thoughts on “squeaky@week’s end

    • If I thought it was disrespectful, I wouldn’t do it, would I? Why would it be disrespectful to put a Qur’an next to a cat? The cat isn’t najas. She’s not doing anything bad to it.

      They’re 2 of the things I love most in my life, and I feel this picture illustrates my personality – a crazy cat lady who loves Allah (swt).

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