walking the walk…

…is harder than talking the talk.

I’ve recently become reacquainted with my inner tree hugger.  While I wouldn’t say that I’ve been blase about environmental issues this last decade, I didn’t burn with the same fire and passion I had in high school.

With my (re) commitment to living health leading to further investigation of the disastrous (and unislamic) system of factory farming and the emergence of fellow muslim tree huggers, I’ve decided it’s time to start walking the walk.  And I do mean literally walking.

In the past, I’ve dreamed about doing something grand and glorious, crusading to solve world problems on a large scale.

But, I’ve realized that I may not be cut out to do that, but I can make sure that my actions are worthy of being viewed by Allah (swt) on the Day of Judgment.

If I can get somewhere by bus and/or walking, why should I waste resources driving myself?

Eat, drink and clothe yourselves. But by doing so, do not be wasteful and arrogant.


Alhamdulilah, we’re blessed to live in a metro area that has decent public transportation, so I have the option of taking mass transit and/or walking to most places I need to go.  The new Casa Squeaky is smack dab in the middle of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, which puts me within a 25 minute bus ride of work, a 5 minute bus ride + 10 minute walk to my cat shelter, a 10 minute bus ride to the grocery store and a 10 minute bus ride + 10 minute walk to the gym.

With my new workout schedule calling for me to go to the gym 5 times a day, it means I’m on the bus, a lot, and I’m walking, a lot.  20 minutes round trip walking to the gym might not seem like much, but in the dead of Minne-snow-da winter, it’s pure torture.

My nafs keeps telling me, take the car, take the car, it’s only a few miles, what would it matter?  And my frozen face begs, please, for the love of God, take the car!

But this is my jihad.  I’m blessed to have transportation options when so many do not, and I need to struggle with myself to make the best choice for this planet and for my body.  Onward and upward I slog, through rain and snow and sleet and hail or wind chills well below 0 (all of which we’ll probably be getting in the next week or so).


2 thoughts on “walking the walk…

  1. Good for you!

    In time, walking a bit in the slush after a bus ride may seem better than cleaning, driving, parking, recleaning your car every trip. Insh’Allah walking the walk will be rewarding for you!

    • That is quite true, although AbuS cleaned the car after this weekends storm. Nice to look out the window and wave at him from time to time, ha!

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